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#11: Nature-nurture death spiral pt. 4: Academic gibberish vs. life on earth

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

(09/18/2020) Academic constructs, valid or otherwise, tend to diffuse into our culture at large. How has this impacted social and political conflict? Quite a lot, and mostly badly. In this episode, we look at climate activism, movements against police violence, and the book White Fragility to illustrate the huge range of contentious issues which are still burdened by the legacy of 20th century social sciences and the opposition to human nature. We see how even though scientific debates about human nature have largely ended, the rhetorical devices used in them are very much alive, with real consequences.

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Aug 14, 2022

My theory of the idiotic nature of social 'science' is that they are analogous to the courtier of the king in the palaces of power. They tell the ruling class what they want to hear so that they can collect financial allowances and gifts from their masters.

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