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#48: What We Sang in the Mountains to Greet the Gentle Rain pt. 1 (preview)

(04/07/2020) In 2050, weary beyond reckoning but not quite dead, Arnold recounts the crises of the 2020s and the revolutionary changes they gave birth to: the synthetic biology and modular technology that allowed economies to localize and food to be produced amidst ecological calamity, the fires that gave birth to an ecstatic movement, the epic street battles over the construction of the I-5 security wall, and the seizure of industrial facilities in Portland, by those who had fought the construction of the wall and were beginning to evolve into the legendary I-5 saboteurs, for use in an ecology of survival. To unlock the dizzying depths (and heights!) of this entire episode, find me on Patreon.

Bibliography for episode 48 (note the date of publication and that all cited works after it are, of course, fictional):

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