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#69: Vivimancer pt. 1: The Water Carrier (preview)

(09/20/2023) Perpetually replenishing his organs by inducing his cells to behave like those of an early embryo, Arnold continues the 100th year of his podcast. In Fight Like An Animal 2120: Vivimancer, we examine the end of the Machine Age and the subsequent Biological Revolution, providing both an introduction for new practitioners and a history of the practice of vivimancy, which translates to “life magic,” a form of synthetic biology in which direct interaction with living systems replaces technology. In this episode, we describe the water carrier, an organism which desalinates the Pacific ocean with the same proteins found in human cell membranes, transports the water through its long cylindrical body to eastern Oregon, and gives birth to a vast forest operating at 100% photosynthetic efficiency, one of many such systems which radically shift the ratio of atmospheric to biological carbon. We examine the means by which vivmancers visualize and affect the status of such organisms, down to the molecular level, via signals which travel through modified neurons and specialized connective tissues, and thus describe the endless meditation by which a vivamancer unifies with another organism, sensations traveling through vast oceans and distant mountains into a human body. Full episode available on Patreon.

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